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Short Film | Western | TRT 13 min |

Lawman Poster Starring Tory Kittles, Lance Reddick, and Erica Tazel

Use the password 'deputy'.

to watch the short film on vimeo.

"Lawman" was one of two of thesis films I wrote while a graduate fellow at the American Film Institute. The story is inspired by the life and legend of Bass Reeves. Born into slavery, Reeves became one of the first black U.S marshals in the west. Over his 32-year tenure, he arrested over 3,000 men. He was the inspiration for the Lone Ranger but was whitewashed from history.


I bet you'll hear a lot about Bass over the next few years. He played a small role in the pilot of HBO's Watchmen, and there will likely be many more shows and films celebrating his legacy.

Our short film stars Tory Kittles, Lance Reddick, and Erica Tazel and was directed by Matthew Gentile. The film was the brainchild of the ever enthusiastic Kalilah Robinson. She is the film's cinematographer and principal producer. For years, she wanted to make a film about Bass, and it only got made because of her tireless (and chipper) efforts.

Read my Journal Entry about writing "Lawman."

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