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Thorn the Unicorn
a middle-grade graphic novel series
Thorn the Unicorn Cover.jpeg

Story: Josh Oaktree

Art: A. D'Amico

Letterer: Haley Rose-Lyon

Creative director: Amelia Boscov

Why write fantasy?


Not only are genre stories really fun to write, but they make you think about the world around you in a way realistic pieces can't. With Thorn, I'm hoping to explore social and environmental issues through the lens of fantasy.

Initially published as individual comics, for the first time my series Thorn the Unicorn is now available to pre-order as a collected graphic novel!


ABOUT THE SERIES: What would you do if you found a unicorn being hunted for its horn?


TheThorn the Unicorn series chronicles the adventures of two orphans who rescue a unicorn.


With disease plaguing their land and violence against magical creatures on the rise, Jack and Rosie must reunite the unicorns, or else witness the end of magic as they know it. 


There will be more issues of Thorn coming soon! Follow us @oaktree_comics on Instagram and Facebook to join our creative journey!

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