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Do You Speak Tree?
OakTree Cover Images-01.jpg

Creative director: Amelia Boscov

Author: Josh Oaktree

Illustrator: Josiane Vlitos

Do You Speak Tree? is my first children's book and our first publication at Oak Tree Comics.


On the Oak Tree site, you can read the book virtually, so what are you waiting for? Check it out.

The creative team and I wanted the book to follow through with its values, so whether you buy the book digitally or in print, Oak Tree Comics donates a dollar to plant a tree. I'm really proud of that!

One Tree Planted-min.png


If a tree falls, and no one around cares, what do you do? Oakie the good-natured oak tree goes on an adventure to find help. But Oakie speaks a visual language no one understands, that is, until Oakie meets Art. Art is a highly imaginative elementary student with a crayon in hand and a plan in mind to save the day!

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Oakie and Art plant.jpg

I'm hoping to tell many stories following Art and Oakie's amazing adventures. The second book in the series is titled Do You Speak Bear? It arrives to booksellers spring 2023. 

Do You Speak Bear.jpg

Concept art for Do You Speak Bear?

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