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The Writer's Room

Oak Tree Comics' Youtube Channel is devoted to teaching creative writing to kids of all ages and the young at heart. If you have a topic that you'd like me to cover, fun writing activities to suggest, or any questions, contact me here. Sharing your ideas with the Oak Tree Comics community on Instagram and Facebook is another wonderful way to reach out.

Intro Video: Welcome to the Writer's Room

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More Videos

Episode 3: "Set up what your character WANTS!

This episode is all about setting up what your character wants. To do just that, I explore the first five Pixar films ever made and how they set up their characters. 

Episode 2: "Begin Your Story in an Extraordinary World!

I revisit three of my all-time favorite movies to see how they begin and what really makes a character great. 

Creative Writing Activity #1 (FREE WRITE TO MUSIC)

My brother and I get to be creative together! He plays piano while I lead a ten-minute activity to help you fight off last week's villain, your own inner critic.

Episode 1: "5 Reasons to Write Sentences "Bad!"

I share my favorite strategy for fighting off that villainous voice that keeps you from writing. Defeat your inner critic today!

More videos coming soon! 

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