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About Josh Oaktree

Hi, I'm Josh Oaktree. I'm an author and the managing director and founder of Oak Tree Comics, an independent publisher that makes kids' comics that speak up for the environment.

On this site, you can enjoy reading my story portfolio and keep up with all the latest and greatest news around my projects!

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Recent Portfolio Highlights
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Thorn the Unicorn Cover.jpeg
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Did you know...? (Fun Facts)

"Josh Oaktree" is a pseudonym. My legal last name "Aichenbaum" means "Oak Tree" in German.

I hold an MFA in screenwriting from the American Film Institute and a BA from Middlebury College where I studied film and English and played muggle quidditch. 

I can juggle. I can also ride a unicycle. But for the life of me, I cannot ride a unicycle while juggling. Nobody knows why.

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